Out-of-the-box features available for new concept types

The modular and object-oriented nature of ISO/IEC 11179 and Python encourage reuse and inheritance when dealing with items. This allows items to have standardised content and behaviours.

Below is a list of features that are available when making new item types based on ISO/IEC 11179 concepts.

Content creation wizards that encourage reuse

Every item type is provided with a basic 2-step content creation wizard that shows a user when they may be replicating content that already exists in the registry in an unobtusive way.

This gives freedom to content creators, but gives registry administrators the peace of mind knowing that the system will encourage reuse where possible.

User-friendly modular editor

Descriptive SEO friendly URLs

Basic HTML and downloadable PDF templates

The decoupling of the model management and database back-end and Djangos powerful templating front-end means new item types can be quickly described and prototyped in code, without having to worry about front-end concerns.

Concepts have a generic fallback template that gives a unified look to new items, meaning development can be an iterative process.

Advanced features that require configuration

Admin pages

Search indexing