Adding new static pages into AristotleΒΆ

While Aristotle provides a strong framework for setting up a metadata registry, there some static pages which are important for a site, but unlikely to be changed, such as the home page, CSS and about pages.

These exist in aristotle as template pages, and like all Django tempaltes are easy to override with more custom, site-specific content. The first step is to ensure the settings for the site include a Django TEMPLATE_DIR directive, like that below:

TEMPLATE_DIRS = [os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'templates')]

Setting a separate template directory when using Aristotle ensure that templates can be easily overriden, without requiring a separate django app or editing of the main Aristole codebase.

When attempting to resolve templates, one of the first locations checked will be the directory stated in TEMPLATE_DIRS. Examining the code in the Aristotle-MDR code should give an understanding of how the templates are laid out if changes are necessary.