Integrating Aristotle-MDR with a Django project

Note: this guide relies on some experience with Python and Django. For new users looking at getting a site up and running look at the Easy installer documentation.

The first step is starting a project as described in the Django tutorial. Once this is done, follow the steps below to setup Aristotle-MDR.

  1. Add “aristotle_mdr” to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:


    To ensure that search indexing works properly haystack must be installed before aristotle_mdr. If you want to take advantage of Aristotle’s WCAG-2.0 access-key shortcut improvements for the admin interface, make sure it is installed before the django admin app.

  2. Include the Aristotle-MDR URLconf in your project Because Aristotle will form the majority of the interactions with the site, as well as including a number of URLconfs for supporting apps its recommended to included it at the server root, like this:

    url(r'^/', include('aristotle_mdr.urls')),
  3. Create the database for the metadata registry using the Django migrate command:

    python migrate
  4. Start the development server with python runserver and visit to see the home page.

For a complete example of how to successfully include Aristotle, see the example_mdr directory.