Changing the look and feel of the site

Changing site CSS using Django staticfiles

Changing the CSS of the site can be done by overriding the static files that serve the Bootstrap and Aristotle CSS files, these are available at:


Overriding these will require setting the STATICFILES_DIR setting in , like so:

STATICFILES_DIR = [os.path.join(BASE_DIR, "site_static")]

Its important, to make sure if setting a STATICFILES_DIR that 'django.contrib.staticfiles.finders.FileSystemFinder' is added to the STATICFILES_FINDERS setting. If importing all of the settings from Aristotles file this is already included, so this doesn’t need to be redefined. But if doesn’t import, STATICFILES_FINDERS can be declared like this:


Once this is set, to override the Aristotle bootstrap css, a file at the following location in the project site will be used instead:


More information about these is available in the Django documentation on static files.

Changing the Bootstrap file by overriding the settings

Aristotle uses Django-bootstrap3 to import bootstrap. By default Aristotle stores the boostrap file at:


but, an alternative solution is to override this value be redefining the BOOTSTRAP3 setting in your projects, like so:

    # The Bootstrap base URL
    'base_url': '/static/your_path_to/bootstrap/',

Completely overhauling the site

It is also possbile to override the home page and base templates to completely overhaul the look and feel of the site, and these are available under the templates directory at:

  • aristotle_mdr/templates/aristotle_mdr/base.html
  • aristotle_mdr/templates/aristotle_mdr/static/home.html

However, doing so may break the rendering of pages and prevent the registry from working. It is strongly recommended that overrides of these files are done by someone with a strong working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Django templates.